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Olde Harbour Inn—One of Many Haunted Hotels in Savannah, GA

Olde Harbour Inn—one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah, GA—is home to "Hank," the most-often encountered ghost among the six inns in the Bed and Breakfasts of Savannah group. Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, experiencing things moving around, coins dropping on the floor and more.

Although there is no evidence that anyone perished in any of the fires of the building's early years, legend has it that "Hank" is the spirit of a worker who died in one of the blazes. Since there was no name to associate with the worker in these tales, the Inn's employees decided to call their ghostly prankster "Hank."

Olde Harbour Inn is mentioned in several books about spirits in Savannah, including Ghost From The Coast by Nancy Roberts.

Enjoy the "Spirit" With Haunted Savannah Ghost Tours

In keeping with the popular and fun spirit of Ghost Tours in Savannah, the Olde Harbour Inn features packages and specials highlighting local legends and stories of ghosts and house hauntings.  Contact Guest Services to inquire about Ghost Packages and Ghost Tours.