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The Olde Harbour Inn in Historic Downtown Savannah

A Great Location:
Our Hotel on The Savannah River

There's no better way to experience Savannah's famous River Street than by staying at The Olde Harbour Inn.  Make this River Street hotel your "home base" during your visit to Savannah.

Historic River Street is considered a must-see attraction for Savannah's visitors. Once the site of a bustling cotton industry, today's River Street consists of nine blocks of renovated warehouses housing more than 90 restaurants, pubs, night spots, shops, galleries, and boutiques. It's a great place to sight-see, eat seafood, buy souvenirs, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the huge ships go by.  River Street is also the site of many festivities throughout the year, including the St. Patrick's Day celebration and fireworks on July 4th and New Year's Eve.

About the Cobblestone Streets

The stone ramps that connect Bay Street with River Street are made of the English ballast stones which gave schooners added stability for their trips from Europe. The discarded stones were then used in buildings and walkways, and became the foundation of ballast stone islands found today in the river's channels. When a dirt road was carved out along the water front to ease traffic and facilitate commerce, thousands of these cobbles and English field stones became the bumpy roads and ramps we now call River Street.  Olde Harbour Inn lies directly on a section of this cobblestone street, and boasts a unique wall of ballast stones connecting the lower level of River Street to Emmet Park above.

Emmet Park

Emmet Park is a beautiful, tree-shaded park located on the bluff next to Bay Street, located essentially in the "front yard" of The Olde Harbour Inn.  Once known as the "Strand" and later as "Irish Green" because of its proximity to the Irish residents of Savannah's Old Fort neighborhood, this park was renamed in 1902 for the Irish patriot Robert Emmet (1778-1803) to commemorate the centennial of his death. Emmet, who led an unsuccessful Dublin uprising for Irish independence and was executed for treason, was a hero to Savannah's Irish community. A Celtic Cross sits in the grassy strip on the bluff overlooking the Savannah River. Emmet Park remains an important center of ceremonial congregation for Savannahians of Irish descent.

Downtown Savannah Hotels on River StreetRiver Street Boats

From tug boats to cargo containers, the Savannah River is a hub of maritime activity.  The Georgia Ports Authority, located on the Savannah River in nearby Garden City, is the fourth-largest container port in the United States and the largest single-terminal operation in North America. From a River Street view point, this means a frequent change of scenery along the River as the enormous carriers pass by. Adding to the atmosphere are triple-decker riverboats, Private yachts, sail boats, private charters and cruises ferrying sightseers across and along the River. If you love boats, you'll love the busy Savannah River.

River Street Scenes

No matter where they stay, Savannah's visitors always travel to the cobble-stoned streets of River Street. At Olde Harbour Inn, you'll find this exciting area of Savannah right outside your door. The Inn's unique waterfront location puts you right in the middle of Savannah's fun. It's just steps away from the many unique shops and galleries, fabulous restaurants and seductive nightspots.

The Waving Girl Statue

One of the most famous memorials in the River Street area is The Waving Girl, a 1971 statue by Felix De Weldon, honoring Florence Martus, a Savannahian who greeted every ship entering the port from 1887 to 1931.  Born August 7, 1868, Martus lived with her brother in a lighthouse near the entrance of the Savannah harbor. The Waving Girl fell in love with a sailor who promised to return for her, but never did. Florence spent years waving to passing ships hoping her love would return. During her years at the lighthouse, she greeted nearly 50,000 vessels.

Other Monuments near Olde Harbour Inn in the River Street Area of Savannah

Chatham Artillery Monument
A monument honoring the members of the famous Chatham Artillery which was organized in 1786.

Georgia Hussars Monument
A monument honoring the famous Georgia Hussars, organized in 1736.

"Liberty" Monument
A monument honoring the armed schooner, "Liberty" the first American Naval vessel. She sailed from the Savannah port in 1775.

Oglethorpe Bench Monument
This monument marks the spot where General Oglethorpe pitched his tent to rest on his first night in Georgia.

Oglethorpe Landing Monument
This small monument marks the exact spot of General James Oglethorpe's landing in 1773.

Old City Exchange Bell
The old 1802 City Exchange Bell is displayed in a bell tower.

Old Harbor Light
This beacon light was erected in 1858 as an aid to navigation of the river.

Olympic Games Monument
The riverfront sculpture is a monument to Savannah's role as host of the Yachting Venue of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

Prince Hall Masonry Marker
A marker recognizing the birthplace of Prince Hall Masonry in Georgia in 1870.

Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation
A stone monument cut from the Austrian mountains and presented by the City of Salzburg to honor the Salzburgers who landed in Savannah in 1734.

Savannah City Hall
Savannah's City Hall was built in 1905 on the site of the 1799 City Exchange. Its gold dome has become an icon for the City.

Savannah Cotton Exchange
The old 1886 Cotton Exchange building where prices of cotton, lumber and turpentine were set for the world.

Savannah Irish Monument
A monument to Savannah's original Irish settlers and their descendants.

Steamship Savannah Marker
A marker recognizing the SS Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic.

U.S. Custom House
Completed in 1848, the Customhouse stands on historic ground. It is the site where Georgia founder, James Oglethorpe lived for a time, and in 1736, where John Wesley preached his first sermon in Savannah.

Vietnam Memorial
A memorial to the men and women of Savannah and Chatham County who served in the Vietnam War.

Washington Guns
The famous Chatham Artillery Washington Guns which were captured at Yorktown and given to Savannah in 1791 by George Washington.

Waterfront Historical Marker
Marker outlines distinguished history of the waterfront.